The Guildpact Expansion set was released on February 2nd, 2006. Guildpact is part of the Ravnica block. has 165 cards listed in our database for this set! Please tell us if you find any bad or missing card data.
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   Abyssal Nocturnus Creature - HorrorGuildpact"1" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbol2 / 2Rareblack
   Caustic Rain SorceryGuildpact"2" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbolUncommonblack
   Cremate InstantGuildpact"B" symbolCommonblack
   Cry of Contrition SorceryGuildpact"B" symbolCommonblack
   Cryptwailing EnchantmentGuildpact"3" symbol"B" symbolUncommonblack
   Daggerclaw Imp Creature - ImpGuildpact"2" symbol"B" symbol3 / 1Uncommonblack
   Douse in Gloom InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"B" symbolCommonblack
   Exhumer Thrull Creature - ThrullGuildpact"5" symbol"B" symbol3 / 3Uncommonblack
   Hissing Miasma EnchantmentGuildpact"1" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbolUncommonblack
   Leyline of the ... EnchantmentGuildpact"2" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbolRareblack
   Necromancer's M... Enchantment - A...Guildpact"2" symbol"B" symbolCommonblack
   Orzhov Euthanist Creature - Huma...Guildpact"2" symbol"B" symbol2 / 2Commonblack
   Ostiary Thrull Creature - ThrullGuildpact"3" symbol"B" symbol2 / 2Commonblack
   Plagued Rusalka Creature - SpiritGuildpact"B" symbol1 / 1Uncommonblack
   Poisonbelly Ogre Creature - Ogre...Guildpact"4" symbol"B" symbol3 / 3Commonblack
   Restless Bones Creature - Skel...Guildpact"2" symbol"B" symbol1 / 1Commonblack
   Revenant Patria... Creature - SpiritGuildpact"4" symbol"B" symbol4 / 3Uncommonblack
   Sanguine Praetor Creature - AvatarGuildpact"6" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbol7 / 5Rareblack
   Seize the Soul InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbolRareblack
   Skeletal Vampire Creature - Vamp...Guildpact"4" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbol3 / 3Rareblack
   Smogsteed Rider Creature - Huma...Guildpact"2" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbol2 / 2Uncommonblack
   AEtherplasm Creature - Illu...Guildpact"2" symbol"U" symbol"U" symbol1 / 1Uncommonblue
   Crystal Seer Creature - Veda...Guildpact"4" symbol"U" symbol2 / 2Commonblue
   Drowned Rusalka Creature - SpiritGuildpact"U" symbol1 / 1Uncommonblue
   Frazzle InstantGuildpact"3" symbol"U" symbolUncommonblue
   Gigadrowse InstantGuildpact"U" symbolCommonblue
   Hatching Plans EnchantmentGuildpact"1" symbol"U" symbolRareblue
   Infiltrator's M... Enchantment - A...Guildpact"2" symbol"U" symbolCommonblue
   Leyline of Sing... EnchantmentGuildpact"2" symbol"U" symbol"U" symbolRareblue
   Mimeofacture SorceryGuildpact"3" symbol"U" symbolRareblue
   Quicken InstantGuildpact"U" symbolRareblue
   Repeal InstantGuildpact"X" symbol"U" symbolCommonblue
   Runeboggle InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"U" symbolCommonblue
   Sky Swallower Creature - Levi...Guildpact"3" symbol"U" symbol"U" symbol8 / 8Rareblue
   Steamcore Weird Creature - WeirdGuildpact"3" symbol"U" symbol1 / 3Commonblue
   Stratozeppelid Creature - BeastGuildpact"4" symbol"U" symbol4 / 4Uncommonblue
   Thunderheads InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"U" symbolUncommonblue
   Torch Drake Creature - DrakeGuildpact"3" symbol"U" symbol2 / 2Commonblue
   Train of Thought SorceryGuildpact"1" symbol"U" symbolCommonblue
   Vacuumelt SorceryGuildpact"2" symbol"U" symbolUncommonblue
   Vedalken Plotter Creature - Veda...Guildpact"2" symbol"U" symbol1 / 1Uncommonblue
   Vertigo Spawn Creature - Illu...Guildpact"1" symbol"U" symbol0 / 3Uncommonblue
   Gruul Signet ArtifactGuildpact"2" symbolCommoncolorless
   Gruul War Plow ArtifactGuildpact"4" symbolRarecolorless
   Izzet Signet ArtifactGuildpact"2" symbolCommoncolorless
   Mizzium Transre... ArtifactGuildpact"3" symbolRarecolorless
   Moratorium Stone ArtifactGuildpact"1" symbolRarecolorless
   Orzhov Signet ArtifactGuildpact"2" symbolCommoncolorless
   Sword of the Pa... Artifact - Equi...Guildpact"4" symbolRarecolorless
   Battering Wurm Creature - WurmGuildpact"6" symbol"G" symbol4 / 3Uncommongreen
   Beastmaster's M... Enchantment - A...Guildpact"2" symbol"G" symbolCommongreen
   Bioplasm Creature - OozeGuildpact"3" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbol4 / 4Raregreen
   Crash Landing InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"G" symbolUncommongreen
   Dryad Sophistic... Creature - DryadGuildpact"1" symbol"G" symbol2 / 1Uncommongreen
   Earth Surge EnchantmentGuildpact"3" symbol"G" symbolRaregreen
   Gatherer of Gra... Creature - Huma...Guildpact"1" symbol"G" symbol1 / 2Uncommongreen
   Ghor-Clan Savage Creature - Cent...Guildpact"3" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbol2 / 3Commongreen
   Gristleback Creature - Boar...Guildpact"2" symbol"G" symbol2 / 2Uncommongreen
   Gruul Nodorog Creature - BeastGuildpact"4" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbol4 / 4Commongreen
   Gruul Scrapper Creature - Huma...Guildpact"3" symbol"G" symbol3 / 2Commongreen
   Leyline of Life... EnchantmentGuildpact"2" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbolRaregreen
   Petrified Wood-... Creature - Elem...Guildpact"6" symbol"G" symbol3 / 3Raregreen
   Predatory Focus SorceryGuildpact"3" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbolUncommongreen
   Primeval Light SorceryGuildpact"3" symbol"G" symbolUncommongreen
   Silhana Ledgewa... Creature - Elf ...Guildpact"1" symbol"G" symbol1 / 1Commongreen
   Silhana Starfle... Creature - Elf ...Guildpact"2" symbol"G" symbol1 / 3Commongreen
   Skarrgan Pit-Sk... Creature - Huma...Guildpact"G" symbol1 / 1Commongreen
   Starved Rusalka Creature - SpiritGuildpact"G" symbol1 / 1Uncommongreen
   Wildsize InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"G" symbolCommongreen
   Wurmweaver Coil Enchantment - A...Guildpact"4" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbolRaregreen
   Agent of Masks Creature - Huma...Guildpact"3" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbol2 / 3Uncommonmulti
   Angel of Despair Creature - AngelGuildpact"3" symbol"W" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbol5 / 5Raremulti
   Blind Hunter Creature - BatGuildpact"2" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbol2 / 2Commonmulti
   Borborygmos Legendary Creat...Guildpact"3" symbol"R" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbol6 / 7Raremulti
   Burning-Tree Bl... Creature - Vias...Guildpact"2" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol2 / 2Commonmulti
   Burning-Tree Sh... Creature - Cent...Guildpact"1" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol3 / 4Raremulti
   Castigate SorceryGuildpact"W" symbol"B" symbolCommonmulti
   Cerebral Vortex InstantGuildpact"1" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbolRaremulti
   Conjurer's Ban SorceryGuildpact"W" symbol"B" symbolUncommonmulti
   Culling Sun SorceryGuildpact"2" symbol"W" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbolRaremulti
   Debtors' Knell EnchantmentGuildpact"4" symbol"WB" symbol"WB" symbol"WB" symbolRaremulti
   Djinn Illuminatus Creature - DjinnGuildpact"5" symbol"UR" symbol"UR" symbol3 / 5Raremulti
   Dune-Brood Neph... Creature - Neph...Guildpact"B" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol"W" symbol3 / 3Raremulti
   Electrolyze InstantGuildpact"1" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbolUncommonmulti
   Feral Animist Creature - Gobl...Guildpact"1" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol2 / 1Uncommonmulti
   Gelectrode Creature - WeirdGuildpact"1" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbol0 / 1Uncommonmulti
   Ghost Council o... Legendary Creat...Guildpact"W" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbol4 / 4Raremulti
   Giant Solifuge Creature - InsectGuildpact"2" symbol"RG" symbol"RG" symbol4 / 1Raremulti
   Glint-Eye Nephi... Creature - Neph...Guildpact"U" symbol"B" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol2 / 2Raremulti
   Goblin Flectoma... Creature - Gobl...Guildpact"U" symbol"R" symbol"R" symbol2 / 2Uncommonmulti
   Gruul Guildmage Creature - Huma...Guildpact"RG" symbol"RG" symbol2 / 2Uncommonmulti
   Ink-Treader Nep... Creature - Neph...Guildpact"R" symbol"G" symbol"W" symbol"U" symbol3 / 3Raremulti
   Invoke the Fire... SorceryGuildpact"X" symbol"U" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbolRaremulti
   Izzet Chronarch Creature - Huma...Guildpact"3" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbol2 / 2Commonmulti
   Izzet Guildmage Creature - Huma...Guildpact"UR" symbol"UR" symbol2 / 2Uncommonmulti
   Killer Instinct EnchantmentGuildpact"4" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbolRaremulti
   Leap of Flame InstantGuildpact"U" symbol"R" symbolCommonmulti
   Mortify InstantGuildpact"1" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbolUncommonmulti
   Mourning Thrull Creature - ThrullGuildpact"1" symbol"WB" symbol1 / 1Commonmulti
   Niv-Mizzet, the... Legendary Creat...Guildpact"2" symbol"U" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbol"R" symbol4 / 4Raremulti
   Orzhov Guildmage Creature - Huma...Guildpact"WB" symbol"WB" symbol2 / 2Uncommonmulti
   Orzhov Pontiff Creature - Huma...Guildpact"1" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbol1 / 1Raremulti
   Petrahydrox Creature - WeirdGuildpact"3" symbol"UR" symbol3 / 3Commonmulti
   Pillory of the ... Enchantment - A...Guildpact"1" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbolCommonmulti
   Rumbling Slum Creature - Elem...Guildpact"1" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol"G" symbol5 / 5Raremulti
   Savage Twister SorceryGuildpact"X" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbolUncommonmulti
   Scab-Clan Mauler Creature - Huma...Guildpact"R" symbol"G" symbol1 / 1Commonmulti
   Schismotivate InstantGuildpact"1" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbolUncommonmulti
   Skarrgan Skybre... Creature - Gian...Guildpact"4" symbol"R" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol3 / 3Uncommonmulti
   Souls of the Fa... Creature - SpiritGuildpact"W" symbol"B" symbol"B" symbol0 / 4Uncommonmulti
   Stitch in Time SorceryGuildpact"1" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbolRaremulti
   Streetbreaker W... Creature - WurmGuildpact"3" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol6 / 4Commonmulti
   Teysa, Orzhov S... Legendary Creat...Guildpact"1" symbol"W" symbol"B" symbol2 / 3Raremulti
   Tibor and Lumia Legendary Creat...Guildpact"2" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbol3 / 3Raremulti
   Ulasht, the Hat... Legendary Creat...Guildpact"2" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbol0 / 0Raremulti
   Wee Dragonauts Creature - Faer...Guildpact"1" symbol"U" symbol"R" symbol1 / 3Commonmulti
   Wild Cantor Creature - Huma...Guildpact"RG" symbol1 / 1Commonmulti
   Witch-Maw Nephi... Creature - Neph...Guildpact"G" symbol"W" symbol"U" symbol"B" symbol1 / 1Raremulti
   Wreak Havoc SorceryGuildpact"2" symbol"R" symbol"G" symbolUncommonmulti
   Yore-Tiller Nep... Creature - Neph...Guildpact"W" symbol"U" symbol"B" symbol"R" symbol2 / 2Raremulti
   Godless Shrine Land - Plains S...GuildpactRarenocolor
   Gruul Turf LandGuildpactCommonnocolor
   Izzet Boilerworks LandGuildpactCommonnocolor
   Nivix, Aerie of... LandGuildpactUncommonnocolor
   Orzhov Basilica LandGuildpactCommonnocolor
   Orzhova, the Ch... LandGuildpactUncommonnocolor
   Skarrg, the Rag... LandGuildpactUncommonnocolor
   Steam Vents Land - Island M...GuildpactRarenocolor
   Stomping Ground Land - Mountain...GuildpactRarenocolor
   Bloodscale Prow... Creature - Vias...Guildpact"2" symbol"R" symbol3 / 1Commonred
   Fencer's Magemark Enchantment - A...Guildpact"2" symbol"R" symbolCommonred
   Ghor-Clan Blood... Creature - Vias...Guildpact"3" symbol"R" symbol2 / 1Uncommonred
   Hypervolt Grasp Enchantment - A...Guildpact"2" symbol"R" symbolUncommonred
   Leyline of Ligh... EnchantmentGuildpact"2" symbol"R" symbol"R" symbolRarered
   Living Inferno Creature - Elem...Guildpact"6" symbol"R" symbol"R" symbol8 / 5Rarered
   Ogre Savant Creature - Ogre...Guildpact"4" symbol"R" symbol3 / 2Commonred
   Parallectric Fe... InstantGuildpact"3" symbol"R" symbolRarered
   Pyromatics InstantGuildpact"1" symbol"R" symbolCommonred
   Rabble-Rouser Creature - Gobl...Guildpact"3" symbol"R" symbol1 / 1Uncommonred
   Scorched Rusalka Creature - SpiritGuildpact"R" symbol1 / 1Uncommonred
   Shattering Spree SorceryGuildpact"R" symbolUncommonred
   Siege of Towers SorceryGuildpact"1" symbol"R" symbolRarered
   Skarrgan Firebird Creature - Phoe...Guildpact"4" symbol"R" symbol"R" symbol3 / 3Rarered
   Tin Street Hool... Creature - Gobl...Guildpact"1" symbol"R" symbol2 / 1Commonred
   Absolver Thrull Creature - Thru...Guildpact"3" symbol"W" symbol2 / 3Commonwhite
   Belfry Spirit Creature - SpiritGuildpact"3" symbol"W" symbol"W" symbol1 / 1Uncommonwhite
   Benediction of ... SorceryGuildpact"W" symbolCommonwhite
   Droning Bureauc... Creature - Huma...Guildpact"3" symbol"W" symbol1 / 4Uncommonwhite
   Ghost Warden Creature - SpiritGuildpact"1" symbol"W" symbol1 / 1Commonwhite
   Ghostway InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"W" symbolRarewhite
   Graven Dominator Creature - Garg...Guildpact"4" symbol"W" symbol"W" symbol4 / 4Rarewhite
   Guardian's Mage... Enchantment - A...Guildpact"2" symbol"W" symbolCommonwhite
   Harrier Griffin Creature - Grif...Guildpact"5" symbol"W" symbol3 / 3Uncommonwhite
   Leyline of the ... EnchantmentGuildpact"2" symbol"W" symbol"W" symbolRarewhite
   Lionheart Maver... Creature - Huma...Guildpact"W" symbol1 / 1Commonwhite
   Martyred Rusalka Creature - SpiritGuildpact"W" symbol1 / 1Uncommonwhite
   Order of the St... Creature - Huma...Guildpact"W" symbol0 / 1Uncommonwhite
   Shadow Lance Enchantment - A...Guildpact"W" symbolUncommonwhite
   Shrieking Grote... Creature - Garg...Guildpact"2" symbol"W" symbol2 / 1Commonwhite
   Sinstriker's Will Enchantment - A...Guildpact"3" symbol"W" symbolUncommonwhite
   Skyrider Trainee Creature - Huma...Guildpact"4" symbol"W" symbol3 / 3Commonwhite
   Spelltithe Enfo... Creature - Elep...Guildpact"3" symbol"W" symbol"W" symbol3 / 3Rarewhite
   Storm Herd SorceryGuildpact"8" symbol"W" symbol"W" symbolRarewhite
   To Arms! InstantGuildpact"1" symbol"W" symbolUncommonwhite
   Withstand InstantGuildpact"2" symbol"W" symbolCommonwhite